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Warmington Industries

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Our Management System Scope:

Distribution: We operate a consolidating distribution model. This allows companies to have
fewer suppliers and for us to offer a wider range of product and value. We are an umbrella for
various industries under one roof. Manufacturers benefit from not having to stock product, so
they can ship and improve their cashflow. We are a buffer between the supplier and the end
user for Quality, Purchasing and Delivery requirements. Our customers benefit similarly since we
manage the supply chain and warehouse stock for daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly
shipments as desired. If product undergoes design changes, we can adjust and offer parts made
from a completely different process.

Procurement: Warmington Industries is an expert at sourcing, developing and managing world
class suppliers for standard, special or new applications. We source both domestically and

Inventory control: Warmington Industries manages the logistical supply of product from
manufacturing, testing, inspecting, warehousing and shipping based upon customer projections,
actual usage, and the analysis of customer/industry trends and conditions.

Fasteners: Warmington Industries is a fastener expert that can aid a customer in its design and
fabrication needs, as well as cost reduction and improvement efforts.

Assembly products: The assembly products we supply can vary greatly involving fasteners,
stampings, castings, injection moldings, extrusions, preassembled components etc.

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